Creative Designer

Hiring me

You can hire me to make your life easier like any other freelancer or you can add me to your team for a longer period. I’m a designer who can code and an artist who can design.

Creative designer

I often work as an illustrator and a graphic designer creating books (a real favourite to be honest), flyers, posters (I’m quite quick at these now), course graphics, document designs (another favourite) and all sorts of other exciting projects, from start to finish and in print and digital.

I do these things for bigger organisations on a regular basis and I do the same things as one-off jobs for people who aren’t part of bigger organisations. Take a look on Instagram if you’re interested to see my creative range.

Website administration & support

I do this quite a lot. If you have a website that needs a skilled administrator to look after it, keep it updated and to keep it running then email me and ask me for more details. I’ve been working with CMS’s, code and companies for more than 10 years.

In addition, you’ll likely find it useful to have someone on hand with an artistic bent for email design, help with copy, artwork, marketing stuff and generally coming up with ideas and solving problems.

Creative team support

You can also hire me in 6 month blocks (or longer if you prefer) to help deliver large projects or to soak up your excess work.

Need regular email designs? Website UI’s need turning into CSS and HTML? Information architecture needs a lot of work? I can help.

Hiring me in 6 month blocks for big, multi-platform projects, large e-commerce stores, websites with a lot of artwork and information architecture, art-based educational or book illustrations, could all cost you less if you explore this option.

My day rate comes down considerably when you use this arrangement so its a good solution for businesses who need a creative on their team but don’t necessarily have the resources for someone full time. Some businesses use this system to maintain my contributions to their organisation indefinitely. If there’s something you’re not sure of, just ring and ask or download the rate card below.

Read more about my web stuff here.