Start a long term project

This is the stuff that’s not a flyer or a one-off design. Branding, big websites and web maintenance usually fall under this banner. For everybody’s peace of mind, I like to do this kind of work with a contract if possible (usually a 6 month contract and agreed upon by both of us).
Why use the contract system I hear you say… Well, some clients use it to make me a part of their team (for less than 5k per year!) for extended periods and personally, I enjoy working with businesses over a period of months because it lets me get a feel for what they need and what might work for them creatively. I also get a bit of extra stability, everyone is clear about what graphic (or code) belongs to whom and a 6 month block of time at a fixed rate is one less headache for whoever deals with your finances.
If this all sounds a bit abstract or far-reaching then just ring me and ask me about it. I’m happy to explain and chat to you about your options. As a guide for project work and maintenance, I parcel out my time in 6 month blocks. See below for the contracts I offer.

1 day a month
£2639.88 per year
or £1319.94 for 6 months
3 days a month
£4559.88 per year
or £2279.94 for 6 months
5 days a month
£5999.88 per year
or £2999.94 for 6 months
Each package can be used as a rolling contract, up for renewal every 6 months. Feel free to ask me more about the details.

~a 6 month contract is a good way of getting a skilled worker for not much money

Some people find that buying one or three days a month from me is a good way to get a large website designed and built at a great price.

~Any left over time can be used as you wish

If you find that we get our project done and dusted in record time (that’s not unheard of to be honest!) then I’m happy to redirect my time and efforts into whatever else you need doing (obviously I’m not going to come over on a Saturday morning and mow your lawn, but there are usually plenty of odds and ends that a business needs a designer for). For example, one client used some left over time to redesign the look of their customer guidelines, PDF libraries and email signatures.
As always, I’m always happy to enter into discussions if there’s stuff you want to know more about. If you’re after posters, flyers and things of that nature, then you probably want this page.
For a free consultation, just head to the contact page.

Some of the people and organisations I've worked with over the years