Getting a design and website department for less than £6000 a year

Getting a design and website department for less than £6000 a year

Sometimes you may not have the resources for a full-time member of the team who keeps the website going, puts marketing materials together, creates good-looking documents, generates inventive ideas and manages print. Most businesses will need someone to do that stuff, particularly businesses (or organisations in general) that have client-facing assets that occasionally need some creativity and nous.

This is exactly what I do for several organisations (at the time of writing), who effectively pay me 1 or 3 days a month to write their newsletters, create a yearly calendar, design flyers, illustrate documents, add new pages to their website, re-design their website gradually over time, manage book printing, look over ad copy, give an honest opinion, write reports and much, much more.

For me, this arrangement works because I get some stability and I get to spend time with your branding. Time is a good friend for creativity to have because it encourages someone like me to come along and dig into it until something original, something striking or a solution to a long-standing problem becomes apparent. This is not always possible with the standard freelancer-client relationship, usually because there isn’t enough time. Working for several days a month on the same set of branding assets (in different contexts) solves this issue for you.

For you, not only can you plan your budgets better for the year (and the price is excellent for what you get!), but because you have long-term access to a creative, you can try out some of the things that you’ve always wanted to try. e.g. maybe you wanted to try a newsletter? Or maybe you want to see what your website would look like with illustrations? Perhaps you want to explore the world of print a bit more and you haven’t had the chance to work with someone experienced enough to do it?

Working with me will give you the opportunity. It’ll give you the opportunity to try new things for your business, to see how they might look before you commit and you’ll also get the benefit of my creativity and experience. For less than £6000 a year, that’s not a bad deal is it?

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