Get a website designed, built or maintained

This is where you need to be if you want a website (I do big and small ones), new pages adding to your current site, plugins adding to it or a holding page putting together.
I’ve been using WordPress for years (its my comfort zone really), but I can work with most types of CMS (that stands for Content Management System for the uninitiated). At present I have a couple of Shopify sites, a Wix site and a multitude of WordPress sites that I’m doing stuff on. I can add and alter plugins for you, design new pages and templates, change layouts and generally alter appearances and functionality according to your wishes. I also offer hosting for £30 per site per year (and for that £30 I’ll keep your site updated and secure all year round).
With the exception of websites built from scratch (which tend to be fixed cost or contract-driven), this kind of work is usually charged on a day rate so please get in touch with me if you’d like to know more.

If you want me to keep your website maintained and up to date regularly then you may want to look at
using the contract system.
1 day a month
£2639.88 per year
or £1319.94 for 6 months
3 days a month
£4559.88 per year
or £2279.94 for 6 months
5 days a month
£5999.88 per year
or £2999.94 for 6 months