Free rabbit pencil drawing download

Free rabbit pencil drawing download

I did this drawing a while ago with pencil. It was part of a pack that I sell, that includes pencil drawings of things you can find – and may find useful for design purposes – in the English countryside.

Pencil art has a great quality, particularly when you put it next to digitally produced vector art. The lines express – obliquely – the artist’s idiosyncrasies (that’s mistakes to me and you) and give the piece a character all of its own. I always draw by hand for projects (when I can anyway) for precisely this reason.

There’s a grain and texture to pencil drawings too. It comes from the paper – its roughness, its “tooth” – but also from the pencil tip, degrading in a random way through use and giving us slightly unpredictable lines and markings.

Anyway, hope you like it and that can find a use for it! If you do use it, let me know (on here, Instagram or Linkedin) so I can see what you’ve done.

The file is .png, but if you want a PDF or something similar, just email me and ask.

Free for commercial use.