Working with Engine Head

Due to the qualty of the artwork we’re upping our print run!

John Palmer, Solihull

I do a lot of corporate work and a lot for small businesses (particularly here in Sheffield). Branding, flyers, menus, digital product sketches, greeting cards, corporate presentations, posters (some REALLY big ones too) and vinyl record sleeves regularly go out of the door to happy customers.

Being a web designer, I always have one eye on how visuals will work in the digital realm and how they can be made digitally, but in all honesty I’m happiest with a pencil and a bit of paper in my hand. I find it much easier to sketch something out on a piece of printer paper, decide on the role it needs to fulfill and then use the sketch to inform the rest of the design process.

A good sketch will let me think strategically about whatever I’m working on.

You can use my design and illustration skills for putting together whatever you and your business need. It doesn’t have to be as ornate as the drawing in the video above (a sizeable chunk of my work is clean-lined, easy-to-understand and target-market specific) but it doesn’t hurt to demonstrate the more artistic side of what I can produce for you.

Private commissions are very welcome. Simply send me an e-mail with the ideas or the details and we’ll take it from there.

See below for a selection of art and design work that’s been signed off and sent ‘out into the wild’.

Design & Illustration Projects from Engine Head

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