Check out the art in my new shop, Between 6 and 16 miles

Check out the art in my new shop

I’ve put the time aside to get my own shop up and running. I opened it a few years ago, but I didn’t create enough work to keep it going, so its been languishing at the bottom of some SERP somewhere.

Originally, I put a lot of my ink paintings in there, but over the years I’ve developed a more surrealistic, colourful style; and its that that I’m starting to explore and sell.

The prints are all high quality and sourced from a local printer, Untitled Print, who use beautiful cotton stock papers, Epson Stylus Pros and Ultrachrome inks. The stock will last 100 years under glass.

Its mostly landscapes, but there are occasional forays into animals, nature and human beings. There’s some pencil work too.

I spend a lot of time out in nature in the Peak District (and the Celtic coasts when I can), either exploring or fell running. Much of what comes out of me as an artist is based on what comes into my head after I’ve spent time outside. Some – mainly the pencil stuff – comes from photography as well.

Most of my work is either pencil on Bristol board or digital renditions that I draw by hand in Clip Studio Paint.

A lot of the work you can buy on there is quite big (A2 in many cases, as I think my surreal landscape work looks best at that size), however there are smaller items for sale too. If you see something that like and it isn’t offered at the size you would prefer, please drop me an email and I’ll get a version printed for you. If you live in Sheffield, I’ll happily drop it round to you and save you the postage.

Remember that you can hire me as a designer or as an illustrator. To do so, just drop me a line on the Contact page.