Art, design & creative brand assets

Brand assets

I like to put a creative and artistic spin on my visuals when it suits the project. That’s not always possible though and I’ll always endeavour to generate aesthetics that compliment what we’re working on.

Creative design

I’m particularly drawn to nature and to natural forms and geometries. Painterly approaches to visuals are interesting to me as well, as is linework and colour. More than anything though, I love to play. If you’re excited about making new stuff or subverting something that already exists (for example established branding) then I think we’ll enjoy working together.

Big document design

I really enjoy designing big documents. Its technical and it takes a while (especially dealing with corrections) but it plays well with my skillset. If you need a book, a report (I really enjoy putting academic reports together in particular), a brochure or a some other type of large document – print or digital – please do get in touch and ask to see what I can offer.

If you need a report with illustrations (in the “house style” or in a style that you’d like to specify) then make sure you mention that and I’ll run through some options with you. I can manage the print process too.

Take a look on Instagram if you’re interested in seeing the kind of thing I make and put together.


I’m always happy to produce commissions. Big wall art, one-off pieces and artwork (and illustration in general) are all things I love to do. Ask me if you want to know more.

I create and sell prints too. I have an outlet with Etsy and a brand new shop with Folksy too. You can read more about that here.


I’ve illustrated books in the past and I’d love to do more. Just ask me if you think you’d like me to illustrate your book.

I don’t use AI.